Financial Planning


Our Financial Planning Process helps to create and protect wealth.

First, we listen to our clients. We need to know (as far as you know!) what you want to do with your life. It is very important that we have an open and frank discussion so that we understand each other and can comfortably work together over time.

As time ticks by, the accumulation of capital and repayment of debt becomes more important. We start to seriously consider the future, ensuring that along the way you defend yourself against life’s “what ifs”.

The long term goal is to secure financial freedom at our chosen retirement ages. All aspects of your financial affairs need to be considered together, but we also look at aspects separately. The benefit of successful financial planning is having CHOICES in life.

The Steps in Developing A Sustainable Financial Plan

  • Our initial financial review looks at all aspects of your financial affairs and how they interact, to see if you are on course to meet your own objectives.
  • We can then agree a strategy to make best use of your resources.
  • We then move to the implementation of changes if appropriate to bring your affairs more in line with your goals.
  • As with all plans the design and implementation doesn’t guarantee their success. It is our experience that all financial plans are most effective when, after they have been implemented, they are reviewed on a regular basis. This dramatically increases it’s success. This is due to the fact that life is fluid and internal factors and external factors change.
  • A solid and effective Financial Plan should be flexible and have the ability to adapt to such changes.

Cashflow Forecasting

We set out your financial life in a  highly visual way. We do this by using highly intuitive software which allows us to project future scenarios to help you take very important, sometimes life changing decisions.